Professionals with rebust experience in technology development, implementation and support , we strive to make business simple.

Focusing on medium and small scale business, we develop most cost-effective applications. India is moving on with "Digital India" and "Make In India". In today's scenario we could not find big names in software industry ready to cater the needs of medium and small scale businesses.

Salient Features

Software build for masses must be high on quality as well as ease of usage. Industry standards are always adhered and on top of that our products are extremely intuitive.

Every product mindfully designed to be hassle free. Though power packed with features, every operation can be performed in few clicks.

Robust quality application fulfilling your business requirements with ease of usage and minimal click operations is now available at an affordable price. Amazing, isn't it?

Market Research module was launched to identify the core areas of business. Cloud as an emerging technology has great scope and we added it to our portfolio. However, cloud technology was out of reach for business's in india. Cloud technologies needs to serve the medium and small scale business.

We started with providing support in maintaining and customizing cloud technologies of microsoft office 365. Gradually we moved into software development. While putting in lots of effort in marketing we started getting website development projects.Yes, website development.

Fuelled by passion to serve the common man, we continued with our marketing research, finding out the gaps in IT industry. Now in 2018 with 4 years of experience we have developed applications to digitalize some of the common business in india.

Year of 2017 has been an incredible year in terms of growth, revenue and products.

New product eRecords Institute Management is added to our list of products. For live testing we offered the application to our existing customers for free. Results have been appraising. It is an ideal application for administration of coaching centers, academies and institutes preparing for competitive exams.

We continue to customize and support cloud based enterprise solutions offered by Microsoft with brand name of Office 365 and products of Google with brand name of G Suite. Looking forward for a partner to manage the IT For you. Don't hesitate to approach us.

In 2018, plans are to expand our reach to other parts of nation. By mid of the year new products will be added to our portfolio. Cloud solutions being our focus and developing new solutions at the same time to address business specific needs of our partners will be our path to success in coming years.

Before the burst of start-up culture in India, a group of engineers, happened to be good friends with experience across multiple domains decided to serve the people of nation.



Understanding requirement and business model. Day-to-day tasks must be perceived well to incorporate automation. Our sales Team includes technical experts.


Interactive and intuitive interface with ease of usage. Interface should be self explanatory. Unlike conventional applications where training is required to operate and make the most out of software application.


Robust code with quality back-end. Development for hassle-free long term operation. Assuring data security and privacy.


Implement the final product. Technical assistance is available at single call. After sales support and assistance to set up the environment.


To manage and track every activity of an educational institute/academy. Ideal for managing daily administrative activities of coaching institutes and academies.

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For Coaching classes, Academies or Institutes preparing for competitive exams.

For medical practitioners, to manage their clinics, patients and overall business.

For real-estate agents and brokers to manage their client's profile and list of properties.

For residential societies, to manage their accounts, meetings, events and resolutions.

Application to manage and share all the activities taking place within a medical clinic. For medical practitioners, to manage their clinics, patients and overall administration of hospital.

Application to assist in record keeping, sharing and managing available properties in market. For brokers and real-estate agents to manage their customer profiles and list of available properties.

As the name suggests, manage accounts, meetings, resolutions and events for a society. Communicate and share information with members and accountants.

To manage and track every activity of an educational institute/academy. Ideal for managing daily administrative activities of coaching institutes and academies.

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